To The Himalayan Skyrider in Bir Billing,Himachal

Bir Billing is top ranked place for paragliding in himachal India as well as all over the world. Its getting a place in the list travelers all over the world for it’s good weather,scenic view and lot’s of other activities like Camping , Trekking and Trout Fishing, tandem paragliding in himachal.


Paragliding in Bir Billing

Tandem Paragliding for those who are inexperienced and basically do not know how to fly with a paraglider.The person enjoys the adventure of flying. . . . Read More


Camping in Bir Billing

Bir Billing is the best place for camping as well as other activities. We offering you the best camping and paragliding activities at very affordable prices. . . . . Read More


Trekking in Bir Billing

Trekking in Bir Billing can be a nice experience to feel the nature. Billing is an excellent place for adventurous activities like trekking. . . . . Read More

Elementary Course:P1 & P2 Basic Course

Elementary Pilot Course teaches you basic techniques and learn about various pressure systems, weather variation, frontel systems cloud types, and how to behave accordingly. Learn how to reverse inflation, soar,crosswind take off, how to manage the emergency procedure , landing variation and learning 360 rotations.

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Club Pilot Course:P3 Intermediate Course

The club pilot course is for elementary pilots looking to learn more skills and higher and fly longer. This course is designed to help you fly for extended periods. You will improve your skills in the air as well as freshen and expand your understanding of weather assessment, flight planning, rules of the air, meteorology and safety. You will learn how to gain soar and height like a bird for extended periods.

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2 Day Instructory Course

The 2 day introductory course is for those looking for an active fun adventure weekend. It provides you a peek into the sport.In this course, you learn to control on ground training, and practice several bunny hops and low level flights, but no solo flights. Safety aspect of the sport is highlighted at this stage where we help you build the right and safe attitude to keep flying safely in the future.

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3 Day Taster Course

If the idea of taking off from a hillside and gliding gracefully through the air sounds like a great plan for a long weekend, join our 3 day paragliding course.This course is designed keeping in mind those who are interested in flying solo, but do not have enough time.You can learn the basic of paragliding, control on ground training, low level flights and several solo flights from the training hill. Enjoy a 3-day fun filled learning period with the introductory paragliding course in Bir billing himachal.

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